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    EANO 2020 Meeting current status due to COVID-19

    Dear fellow members of the EANO, dear colleagues, dear friends

    Our world is in disarray. With daily increasing numbers of people affected by and dying from COVID-19 our health care systems are under an intense pressure, and anxiety rules. The measures take to control this pandemic are rigorous, painful but necessary, and we all hope they will help us to manage this global crisis. Days like these also help us to remind us what really matters in life. Many of us will have had the experience of loved ones and colleagues falling ill to this virus. Certainties of our now global community have disappeared overnight.

    In these days, it is important to continue to give the right care and attention to our brain cancer patients, as even without a virus, these patients and their families face similar existential threats and they depend on us. The virus has not made our task easier, perhaps even more important. With all measures taken, within a few weeks our way of living has completely changed, and it is unclear when things will begin to turn to normal again. This affects our daily routine, our family lives, but also our professional lives.

    I am writing you also because of the upcoming EANO 2020 Meeting to be held September 10 - 13 in Glasgow, Scotland. This is more than five months from now, but we cannot forecast what the world will look like at that time. At present, we want to continue to plan for the meeting and postpone any decision on the continuation of the meeting until the end of May. So please, do submit your abstracts, and should for the EANO annual meeting the worst come to the worst, all registration fees will be refunded. In the event a face to face meeting is considered not feasible, we are planning for an ‘eEANO’ for EANO members, to at least update you of the many recent important developments within our field.

    For now, I wish you and your families, friends and colleagues strength and luck, and remember, we are in this together: together we will overcome this crisis.

    On behalf of the EANO board and EANO offices,
    Martin van den Bent
    EANO President

    Why Become an EANO Member?

    EANO is Europe’s multidisciplinary Neuro-Oncology organisation representing all medical and scientific disciplines involved in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tumours of the central nervous system (CNS). EANO is dedicated to promote advances in Neuro-Oncology through innovative research and concerted education and training. It enhances collaboration between all relevant disciplines - Neuro-Oncology, Neurosurgery, Neuropathology, Neuroradiology, and Radiation Oncology as well as Nursing - and aims at bridging science, knowledge and practice gaps in the management of CNS malignancies.

    Today, EANO has over 650 members from more than 70 countries. EANO stimulates (inter)national cooperation together with our major partner societies, the Society of Neuro-Oncology in the US (SNO) and the Asian Society of Neuro-Oncology (ASNO); together, EANO, SNO and ASNO are charter societies of the World Federation of Neuro-Oncology Societies (WFNOS). The EANO Youngster Initiative provides a platform for exchange, networking and career support for young clinicians and scientists.

    EANO provides multiple services to its members. We organize various scientific and educational meetings with 'state of the art' lectures covering the broad spectrum of all disciplines in Neuro-Oncology, amongst them the annual EANO scientific meeting and every 12 years the WFNOS Meeting. Further, EANO offers exclusively to its members free access to  Neuro Oncology as well the Neuro Oncology Practice and the WFNOS Magazine. EANO considers the preparation of multidisciplinary guidelines as a prime task to support the development of high quality care for brain tumour patients across Europe.

    Kind Regards
    Martin van den Bent
    for the EANO Board