EANO Career Boost Initiative - CBI

EANO Career Boost Initiative (CBI)

EANO CBI: Empowering the Next Generation of Leaders in Neuro-Oncology

The European Association of Neuro-Oncology (EANO) is pleased to announce the Career Boost Initiative (CBI) to support emerging physicians and researchers in the field of neuro-oncology in their path to scientific and/or clinical independence and recognition in the community.

Tailor-made to inspire and support the next wave of neuro-oncology experts, the CBI is the gateway to building a robust network within EANO. We are dedicated to creating an optimal environment for ambitious professionals to amplify their potential and enhance job satisfaction.

This programme offers an easy-access platform for early to mid-career professionals to network with peers and engage closely with other EANO members. It aims to enhance lab-clinic interaction, provide leadership skills and drive EANO forward in its commitment to excellent clinical care and research.

The aim of the CBI is to cater to the multifaceted aspects of having a successful career in clinical or experimental neuro-oncology. Professional and social networks of experienced colleagues or mentors are often crucial for developing a sustainable, successful, and satisfying career. These networks as well as the skills required to use them correctly are not always easily identified or accessible to all. This could prevent enthusiastic people from becoming actively involved in the field - not out of inability or lack of motivation, but simply because established structures, committees, resources, partnerships etc. are difficult to access without support.

During a brainstorming session at the EANO Meeting 2023, it was identified that the primary requirement for this specific group indeed is to establish a network, closely followed by enhancing leadership skills. We are thus thrilled to present our initiative aimed at fostering dynamic collaborations: the CBI Knowledge Forum. This innovative platform is tailored to facilitate informal and open exchanges, providing a vibrant space for networking and collaboration and will open at the EANO Meeting 2024 in Glasgow. The platform connects aspiring clinicians and researchers in the field of neuro-oncology with their counterparts that have more established research groups and institutions. We aim to facilitate access to a wide range of methods that would otherwise not be available, thereby initiating multinational and multicentric collaborations. Sharing knowledge and granting access to specialized methods fosters project-driven multicentric collaborations that facilitate access to funding instruments and/or increase chances of being funded. Networks develop from these project-related collaborations, which in turn have a positive impact on careers outside the specific project and promote networking and integration within the EANO.

In Glasgow, we will also be delving into leadership skills with a dedicated session at the conference. The EANO CBI is an important commitment to the future of neuro-oncology. By investing in the potential of early career scientists and providing a comprehensive support framework, EANO aims to contribute to the personal development of these professionals and to the collective development of the field. The initiative promises to create a dynamic and supportive environment in which the next generation of neuro-oncologists can thrive, innovate, and lead the field into a promising future.

For more information on the Career Boost Initiative and to discover how you can engage with this transformative effort, please reach out and join us in re-shaping the future of neuro-oncology.

Marjolein Geurts
Johnny Duerinck
Philipp Lohmann
Matthijs van der Meulen
Dan Mitrea