EANO Diversity Statement

EANO Diversity Statement


Creation of a diverse and equal community that contributes to the aims of EANO, and a reversal of disparity that is harmful to professionals, patients and society


1. Drive a sustainable diversity strategy that can be applied across the neuro oncology workforce 

  • Increase awareness of diversity issues for professionals at all levels, across academic organisations and for patient and carer groups
  • Link diversity promotion across professional groups in neuro oncology
  • Enhance relationships between likeminded neuro oncology organisations to share best practice

2. Increase diversity in leadership in neuro oncology, reverse the demographic mismatch between leaders and workforce by pro-actively tackling under-representation and maintain a balanced leadership

  • Promote leadership opportunities across the whole community and prevent biased gatekeeping [barriers that disproportionately disadvantage women and under-represented minorities]
  • Identify support, training and mentoring resources for under-represented groups
  • Recognise and award diversity champions and successful initiatives

3. Use our influence to promote equality and inclusion, highlight and support diversity in academic and educational initiatives in neuro-oncology

  • Promote diverse and representative conference programmes
  • Promote diversity in educational delivery and content
  • Monitor and report diversity data to the academic community

4. Work with patient and stakeholder groups to promote equality in access to treatment and research

  • Engage with research that addresses health inequalities in under-represented minorities
  • Provide advocacy for initiatives to reduce disparity in health care
  • Communicate relevant data to neuro oncology community


PDF of the EANO Diversity statement