Publishing Activity Committee

Publishing Activity Committee

The Committee for Publishing Activity supports the Executive Board of EANO and consists of editors that represent EANO in the following journals: Neuro-Oncology, Neuro-Oncology Practice and Neuro-Oncology Advances. All these journals are published by Oxford University Press (OUP).

The flagship journal Neuro-Oncology is owned by the US partner of EANO, the Society of Neuro-Oncology (SNO), with EANO as a minority shareholder. Furthermore, Neuro-Oncology is the official journal of the SNO, the Japan Society for Neuro-Oncology (JSNO), the EANO, and the World Federation of Neuro-Oncology Societies (WFNOS).

The main tasks of the committee are to ensure scientific representation and strategic orientation of EANO in these journals, providing a link between EANO and the journal publisher, and promoting the publication activities within the EANO membership.

The committee consists of the editors (Associate Editors, Executive Editors, and possibly Editor-in-Chief) in the various publication sectors, the president, the treasurer, and the past president.

Chair: Martin Taphoorn, NL
next-chair: Norbert Galldiks, DE
Florien Boele, UK
Francois Ducray, FR
Monika Hegi, CH
Johan A.F. Koekkiek, NL
Katrin Lamszus, DE
Giuseppe Minniti, IT
Matthias Preusser, AT
Susan Short, UK
Riccardo Soffietti, IT
Felix Sahm, DE
Simone Niclou, LU
Patrick Roth, CH
Roberta Rudà, IT
Pieter Wesseling, NL
Wolfgang Wick, DE (past-chair)