Friday, September 16

EANO Meeting - Friday, September 16, 2022

Note that the programme is subject to change and will be continuously updated. Speaker and presentation details will be published in due course.
All times below refer to Central European Summer Time (CEST).

08:00-09:00 hrs

Chairs: tba

ME01.1 Medical Decision Making
Hilary Bekker, United Kingdom, Denmark

ME01.2 Decision aids for clinical encounters
Cecilia Pompili, Italy

ME01.3 Decisional needs in patients with recurrent high-grade glioma and their families
Helle Soerensen von Essen, Denmark

Chair: tba

ME02.1 Physiologic and metabolic MR imaging in brain gliomas: towards a virtual biopsy?
Janine Lupo, United States

ME02.2 Exploring glioma metabolism using Hyperpolarized 13C MRI
Fulvio Zaccagna, Italy

ME02.3 Surveillance metabolic Mr imaging in conventional and new moecular gliomas treatment regimens
Sotirios Bisdas, United Kingdom

Chairs: tba

ME03.1 Strategies to expand tumor-specific T cells (Medulloblastoma)
Catherine Flores, United States

ME03.2 TBC
John Sampson, United States

ME03.3 Clinical us of CAR-NK cells in glioblastoma
Joachim Steinbach, Germany

09:00-09:15 hrs | BREAK

09:15-10:45 hrs

Chairs: tba

OS01.1 Application of serum spectroscopy and pathway to implementation in clinical practice
Paul Brennan, United Kingdom

OS01.2 Serum DNA methylation profiles in diagnosis and follow up of adult glioma
Houtan Noushmehr, United States

OS01.3 Tumour DNA in CSF as a biomarker in glioma
Alexandra Miller, United States

OS01.4 pre-diagnostic metabolic biomarkers in glioma
Beatrice Melin, Sweden

JS02.1 Overview of EORTC Brain Tumor Group studies
Matthias Preusser, Austria
Chair EORTC Brain Tumor Group

JS02.2 tba
Susan Chang, United States
Editor-in-Chief Neuro-Oncology Journal

JS02.3 tba
Gelareh Zadeh, Canada
Editor-in-Chief Neuro-Oncology Advances Journal

JS02.4 tba
Martin Taphoorn, Netherlands
Editor-in-Chief Neuro-Oncology Practice Journal

Chairs: tba

OS02.1 Complexity of symptom science research
Karin Piil, Denmark

OS02.2 Fatigue and insomnia
Katrine Loeppenthin, Denmark

OS02.3 Affective symptoms, anxiety, depression
Pernille Bidstrup, Denmark
OS02.4 Systems approaches to symptom management: a palliative care perspective
Anthony Byrne, United Kingdom

10:45-11:15 hrs | COFFEE BREAK

11:15-13:00 hrs

Matthias Preusser, Austria
President EANO & EANO Meeting 2022

Michael Platten, Germany
Chair EANO Scientific Committee

Chairs: tba

PL01.1 How artificial intelligence is changing (Neuro) Oncology
Regina Barzilay, United States

PL01.2 tbc
Raul Rabadán, United States

13:00-14:30 hrs | LUNCH BREAK

13:15-14:15 hrs

Chairs: tba

WS01.1 Crash course immunology
Leila  Akkari, Netherlands

WS01.2 Did the checkmate studies really fail?
Anna  Berghoff, Austria

WS01.3 How to sensitize glioblastoma to immunotherapy
Michael  Platten, Germany

Chairs: tba

WS02.1 Pandemic-driven challenges and solutions for teleneuropsychological testing in brain tumor patients
Martin Klein, Netherlands

WS02.2 Differences between clinical and research practices

Claudia Panciroli, Spain

WS02.3 Advances: online unsupervised cognitive testing
Sanne Schagen, Netherlands

14:30-16:00 hrs

Chairs: tba

KS01.1 Recurrent glioblastoma: Treatment perspective
Tracy  Batchelor, United States

KS01.2 Recurrent glioblastoma: Imaging
Philipp Lohmann, Germany

KS01.3 Recurrent glioblastoma: Molecular pathology

Pim French, Netherlands

Chairs: tba

OS03.1 Melanma brain metastases (symptomatic and asymptomatic)
Caroline Robert, France

OS03.2 The metabolic adaptation evoked by arginine enhances the effect of radiation in brain metastases (Clinical-Translational/ Radiation/ Metabolism)
Leandro Cerchietti, United States

OS03.3 Antibody drug Conjugates anti-HER2+ in brain metastasis
Matthias Preusser, Austria

Chairs: Emilie Le Rhun, Susan Short

OS04.1 Positive Discrimination Survey
Emilie Le Rhun, Switzerland

OS04.2 Comorbidities and physical vulnerability
Enrico Franceschi, Italy

OS04.3 Psychological and cognitive vulnerability
Willemijn van Erp, Netherlands

OS04.4 Wrap-up and EANO Disparity Statement
Susan Short, United Kingdom

Florien Boele, United Kingdom
Ally Rooney, United Kingdom
Linda Dirven, Netherlands
Andreas Luft, Switzerland

16:00-16:15 hrs | BREAK

16:15-17:45 hrs

Chairs: tba

KS02.1 Person-centred care – concept, implications for practice, and challenges for implementation
Brendan Mccormack, United Kingdom

KS02.2 Implementation science, informing policy decisions
Tanja Stamm, Austria

KS02.3 Patient-reported and experience measures
Linda Dirven, Netherlands

KS02.4 Discrepancies between healthcare professionals’ and patients’ preferences
Helen Bulbeck, United Kingdom

Chairs: tba

JS03.1 NF1 – models and therapeutic approaches
David  Gutmann, United States

JS03.2 TSC-related tumors – novel therapies
Roberta Ruda, Italy

JS03.3 Management of NF2-related tumors
Michel Kalamarides, France

JS03.4 Mechanisms of glioma inheritance
Melissa Bondy, United States

Chairs: tba

OS05.1 Sex-specific myeloid cell education in the immune microenvironment
Bożena Kamińska-Kaczmarek, Poland

OS05.2 Neutrophils in the immune microenvironment and in brain metastasis
Dihua Yu, United States

OS05.3 Dysfunctional antigen presentation in the immune microenvironment
Lisa Sevenich, Germany

17:45-18:00 | BREAK

18:00-19:30 hrs

Poster Pitches & Poster Viewing with authors

20:00-22:00 hrs

EANO YOUNGSTERS Networking Night