Saturday, October 23

EANO Educational Day - Saturday, October 23, 2021

All times below refer to Central European Summer Time (CEST).

10:10-11:30 hrs

Chairs: Mihaela Lorger, Marco Riva

EDB01.1 CNS taxonomy beyond WHO 2016: Updates on cIMPACT NOW
Dominique Figarella-Branger, France

EDB01.2 Radiomics to aid clinical decision making
Antonella Castellano, Italy

EDB01.3 Artificial intelligence in digital pathology
Jeroen Van der Laak, Netherlands

EDB01.4 Liquid biopsy & Stool microbiome
Andreas Hottinger, Switzerland

Chairs: Annika Malmström, Olivier Chinot

EDC01.1 Surgery for intrinsic spinal cord tumours
Claudius Thomé, Austria

EDC01.2 Unique issues in the management of the elderly neuro-oncology patient
Cressida Lorimer, United Kingdom

EDC01.3 Issues in diagnosis: Can advanced imaging techniques aid early diagnosis of true brain tumour progression after treatment?
Esther Warnert, Netherlands

EDC01.4 Second Look surgery in different tumor types
Manfred Westphal, Germany

10:30-11:30 hrs

Chairs: Helen Bulbeck, Lena Rosenlund

EDN01.1 Matters to patients and their caregivers and why PROMS are just a small part of the picture
Helen Bulbeck, United Kingdom

EDN01.2 Value based healthcare for neuro-oncology patients: why and how?

Monique Baas, Netherlands

11:30-12:00 hrs | BREAK

12:00-13:00 hrs

Chairs: Katrin Lamszus, Rogier Versteeg

EDB02.1 Genetics of Neuroblastoma
Rogier Versteeg, Netherlands

EDB02.2 Epigenetics of Glioma

Sevin Turcan, Germany

EDB02.3 Single cell and spatial transcriptomics
Kiavash Movahedi, Belgium

12:00-13:20 hrs

Chairs: Mihaela Lorger, Riccardo Soffietti

EDC02.1 Surgery first
Marco Riva, Italy

EDC02.2 Radiosurgery first
Fréderic Dhermain, France

EDC02.3 Systemic therapy first
Evangelia D. Razis, Greece

EDC02.4 Brain metastases from CUP
Anna Berghoff, Austria

Chairs: Florien Boele, Karin Piil

EDN02.1 Functional outcome following diagnosis of low-grade glioma
Isabelle Ryden, Sweden

EDN02.2 Language outcome of awake surgery in glioblastoma
Marike Donders-Kamphuis, Netherlands

EDN02.3 Quality of life in long-term survivorship of primary brain tumours
Frances, United Kingdom

EDN02.4 Patient-reported measures - a patient perspective
Lena Rosenlund, Sweden

13:20-13:50 hrs | BREAK

13:50-14:50 hrs

Chairs: Anna Golebiewska, Manuel Valiente

EDB03.1 Single cell analysis of Ependymoma
Mariella Filbin, United States

EDB03.2 Whole genome projects
Jason Huse, United States

EDB03.3 Molecular Profiling of Brain Metastases
Priscilla Brastianos, United States

Chairs: Claudia Panciroli, Martin McCabe

EDC03.1 Epidemiologic spectrum/disease outcomes
Martin McCabe, United Kingdom

EDC03.2 Late CNS radiation & chemotherapy SE (neurocognitive impairments, fertility and endocrinopathies)
Claudia Panciroli, Spain

EDC03.3 Psychosocial and end of life care
Helen Bulbeck, United Kingdom

14:50-15:20 hrs | BREAK

15:20-16:40 hrs

Chairs: Simone Niclou, Pim French

EDB04.1 Exploiting experimental models to identify vulnerabilities of brain metastasis
Manuel Valiente, Spain

EDB04.2 Synaptic communication
Peter Friedl, Netherlands

EDB04.3 Plasticity of Glioblastoma
Anna Golebiewska, Luxembourg

EDB04.4 Sex Differences in Cancer Biology
Joshua Rubin, United States

Chairs: Roberta Rudà, Martin van den Bent

EDC04.1 Glioma
Michael Weller, Switzerland

EDC04.2 Brain metastases
Emilie Le Rhun, France

EDC04.3 EANO updated Guidelines for the management and treatment of Primary CNS Lymphoma
Khè Hoang Xuan, France

EDC04.4 Rare glial and neuronal tumors
Roberta Rudà, Italy

Chairs: Florien Boele, Karin Piil

EDN03.1 Role of the CNS in trial recruitment
Mairi Mackinnon, United Kingdom

EDN03.2 The role of AHPs in Neuro-oncology
Sarah Houghton, United Kingdom

EDN03.3 Presentation to neuro oncology clinical practice and research in Netherlands
Claudine Nogarede, Netherlands

Available all the time

Intro: Florien Boele

EDN04.1 Sleep disturbances and management
Katrine Løppenthin, Denmark

Note that the programme is subject to change and will be continuously updated.