Saturday, September 23

EANO Meeting - Saturday, September 23, 2023

Note that the programme is subject to change and will be continuously updated.
All times below refer to Central European Summer Time (CEST).

08:00-09:00 hrs

Chairs: tba

ME04.1 EANO-EURACAN-SNO guideline on circumscribed astrocytic, glioneuronal and neuronal tumors
Roberta Ruda, Italy

ME04.2 ESTRO-EANO guideline on delineation for glioblastoma for radiotherapy
Guiseppe Minniti, Italy

ME04.3 EANO guideline for diagnostics according to WHO 2021 brain tumor classification
Felix Sahm, Germany

ME04.4 EANO guideline on testing for targeted treatments: beyond the WHO 2021CNS tumors classification
Martin van den Bent, Netherlands

Chairs: tba

ME05.1 Radioligand therapy: a novel therapeutic strategy in glioblastoma?
Nathalie Lisa Albert, Germany

ME05.2 A Nanotechnology Toolkit for the Total Management of Glioblastoma
Kostas Kostarelos, United Kingdom

ME05.3 Novel technologies for liquid biopsy
Florent Mouliere, Netherlands

Chairs: tba

ME06.1 Surgical management
Marcos Tatagiba, Germany

ME06.2 Radiation therapy options
Bente Sandvei, Norway

ME06.3 Clinical management of NF2 patients
Oliver Hanemann, United Kingdom

ME06.4 MEK inhibition in the management of NF1-associated tumors
Walter Taal, Netherlands

09:00-09:15 hrs | BREAK

09:15-10:45 hrs

Chairs: tba

JS04.1 Impact of molecular classification of adult diffuse glioma on the role of surgery
Shawn Hervey-Jumper, United States

JS04.2 Implications of molecular drivers in tumor predisposition syndromes
Evangelia Razis, Greece

JS04.3 Review of the impact of molecular classification in the management of pediatric brain tumors
Richard Gilbertson, United Kingdom

JS04.4 Clinical trials in the molecular era
Isabel Arrillaga, United States

Chairs: tba

JS05.1 Heterogeneity in decision making and treatment selection for glioma patients
Arnaud Vincent, Netherlands

JS05.2 FLAIRectomy. A new paradigm in glioblastoma surgery
Giuseppe Barbagallo, Italy

JS05.3 Biopsy vs. resection in the elderly glioblastoma patient
Florence Laigle-Donadey, France

JS05.4 Biopsy vs. resection: The neuro-oncologist perspective
Marjolein Geurts, Netherlands

Chairs: tba

OS06.1 Current status of artificial intelligence and radiomics in neuro-oncology
Philipp Lohmann, Germany

OS06.2 Challenges and implications of artificial intelligence and radiomics in neuro-oncology
Pallavi Tiwari, United States

OS06.3 Status quo of artificial intelligence and radiomics in clinical routine
Mariam Aboian, United States

OS06.3 Advanced computational image analysis and modeling in neurooncology
Benedikt Wiestler, Germany

10:45-11:15 hrs | COFFEE BREAK

11:15-12:45 hrs

Chairs: tba

OS07.1 Mapping the rules of glioblastoma using single cell and spatial genomics
Omer Bayrakter, United Kingdom

OS07.2 Spatio-temporal remodeling of tumor architecture under therapy
Dieter Henrik Heiland, Germany

OS07.3 Tumor architecture of pediatric brain tumors
Mariella Filbin, United States

OS07.4 Single cell tumor atlas to understand tumor architecture (GBMap)
Henrik Stunnenberg, Netherlands

Chairs: tba

OS08.1 Quality of care at the End of Life in Brain Tumor patients
Andrea Pace, Italy

OS08.2 End-of-life care for glioma patients: the caregivers' perspective
Caroline Hertler, Switzerland

OS08.3 Advance care planning
Johan Koekkoek, Netherlands

OS08.4 Telehealth platforms for delivering supportive care to adults with primary brain tumors and their family caregivers
Tamara Ownsworth, Australia

12:45-14:15 hrs | LUNCH BREAK

13:00-14:00 hrs

Chairs: tba

WS02.1 Integrated diagnoses and layered reports
Niek Maas, Netherlands

WS02.2 Upcoming novel diagnoses in the 6th WHO-classification
Abigail Suwala, Germany

WS02.3 How to understand methylome-analysis
Leonille Schweizer, Germany

WS02.4 How do new techniques translate into clinical care?
Kathreena Kurian, United Kingdom

14:15-15:45 hrs

Chairs: tba

OS10.1 Co-option of neuronal programs in recurrent glioblastoma
Roel Verhaak, United States

OS10.2 Olfactory sensory experience regulates gliomagenesis via neuronal IGF1
Chong Liu, China

OS10.3 Neuronal progenitor mimicry of invasive glioma and therapeutic implications
Varun Venkataramani, Germany

OS10.4 Mechanisms of neuron-tumor crosstalk in pediatric brain tumors
Michelle Monje, United States

Chairs: tba

OS11.1 First-line glioblastoma treatment with TMZ plus CCNU - pro arguments
Johannes Weller, Germany

OS11.2 First-line glioblastoma treatment with TMZ plus CCNU - con arguments
Marjolein Geurts, Netherlands

OS11.3 MRI vs PET for detection of pseudoprogression - Advanced MRI
Mariam Aboian, United States

OS11.4 MRI vs PET for detection of pseudoprogression - PET
Norbert Galldiks, Germany

OS11.5 Treatment of recurrent glioma with regorafenib - pro arguments
Giuseppe Lombardi, Italy

OS11.6 Treatment of recurrent glioma with regorafenib - con arguments
Anna Berghoff, Austria

Chairs: tba

OS12.1 Multidisciplinary approach and new molecular advances
Alvaro Lasaletta, Spain

OS12.2 Fertility and pregnancy
Marie-Therese Forster, Germany

OS12.3 The journey of survivorship
Rachael Simms-Moore, United Kingdom

OS12.4 The daily life challenges of adolescents and adults with an uncertain or poor cancer prognosis
Olga Husson, Netherlands

15:45-16:00 hrs | BREAK

16:00-17:00 hrs

Chairs: tba

JS06.1 SRS vs WBRT for multiple brain metastases
Brigitta Baumert, Switzerland

JS06.2 Immunomodulation of RT: preclinical models and clinical translation
Claire Vanpouille-Box, United States

JS06.3 Pre- vs post-operative SRS for brain metastases
Anca Grosu, Germany

Chairs: tba

JS07.1 EURACAN updates
Enrico Franceschi, Italy

JS07.2 ePAG : the patient perspective e and role
Kathy Oliver, United Kingdom

JS07.3 Pineal tumors, update from the EURACAN  guidelines group
Giuseppe Lombardi, Italy

17:15-18:45 hrs

Poster Pitches & Poster Viewing with authors II

19:30-23:30 hrs

EANO Evening