Friday, September 22

EANO Meeting - Friday, September 22, 2023

Note that the programme is subject to change and will be continuously updated.
All times below refer to Central European Summer Time (CEST).

08:00-09:00 hrs

Chairs: tba

ME01.1 Molecular evolution of brain metastases and its clinical implications
Manuel Valiente, Spain

ME01.2 Systemic treatment as first option: impact of target agents and immunotherapy (clinical case)
Dieta Brandsma, Netherlands

ME01.3 Management of brain metastases at further progression
Emilie Le Rhun, Switzerland

ME01.4 Surgery for brain metastases: extent of resection and functional preservation
Einar Vik-Mo, Norway

Chair: tba

ME02.1 Ultrasound mediated drug delivery in brain
Alexandre Carpentier, France

ME02.2 Pre-clinical assessment of FUS BBB opening
Antonis Pouliopoulos, United Kingdom

ME02.3 FUS in immunotherapy of glioma
Natasha Sheybani, United States

ME02.4 Ultrasound in Neurosurgery: from imaging to therapy
Francesco Prada, Italy

Chairs: tba

ME03.1 Re-irradiation for primary brain tumours: pros and cons versus surgery
Louise Murray, United Kingdom

ME03.2 Data collection and models for outcome prediction in brain re-irradiation
Maximillian Niyazi, Germany

ME03.3 Application of FLASH radiotherapy for re-irradiation
Pierre Montay-Gruel, Belgium

09:00-09:15 hrs | BREAK

09:15-10:45 hrs

Chairs: tba

OS02.1 Revisiting strategies to deliver equitable care to underserved populations in neuro-oncology
Shawn Hervey-Jumper, United States

OS02.2 Barriers to accrual and enrollment in brain tumor trials – the patient and caregiver perspective
Kathy Oliver, United Kingdom

OS02.3 Improving recruitment for TYA patients
Dan Stark, United Kingdom

JS02.1 Overview EORTC Brain Tumor Group Study Activities
Matthias Preusser, Austria
Chair EORTC Brain Tumor Group

JS02.2 Neuro-Oncology Journal
Susan Chang, United States
Editor-in-Chief Neuro-Oncology Journal

JS02.3 Neuro-Oncology Advances Journal
Gelareh Zadeh, Canada
Editor-in-Chief Neuro-Oncology Advances Journal

JS02.4 Neuro-Oncology Practice Journal
Martin Taphoorn, Netherlands
Editor-in-Chief Neuro-Oncology Practice Journal

Chairs: tba

OS03.1 AI in histology classification
Moritz Gerstung, Germany

OS03.2 AI in cytology evaluation
Leonille Schweizer, Germany

OS03.3 AI in neuroradiology routine
Julia Furtner-Srajer, Austria
OS03.4 AI in sequencing and variant classification
Matthew Loose, United Kingdom

10:45-11:15 hrs | COFFEE BREAK

11:15-13:00 hrs

Susan Short, United Kingdom
President EANO

Martin van den Bent, Netherlands
President EANO Meeting 2023

Manuel Valiente, Spain
Chair EANO Scientific Committee

Chairs: tba

PL01.1 Brain immunity: basic biology and strategies to challenge CNS disorders
Jonathan Kipnis, United States

PL01.2 Vaccine strategies to challenge brain tumors
Michael Platten, Germany

PL01.3 Cell-based strategies to challenge brain tumors
Dinorah Friedmann-Morvinski, Israel

13:00-14:30 hrs | LUNCH BREAK

13:15-14:15 hrs

Chairs: tba

Group A

WS01.1 How to peer-review: The Editor's perspective in translational science
Feline Dijkgraaf, Netherlands

WS01.2 How to peer-review: The reviewer's perspective translational science
Kenneth Aldape, United States

Group B

WS01.3 How to peer-review: The Editor's perspective in clinical science
Susan Chang, United States

WS01.4 How to peer-review: The reviewer's perspective in clinical science
Matthias Preusser, Austria

Group C

WS01.5 How to peer-review: The Editor's perspective in basic science
Elizabeth McKenna, United States

WS01.6 How to peer-review: The reviewer's perspective in basic science
Dieter Henrik Heiland, Germany

14:30-16:00 hrs

Chairs: tba

KS01.1 A perspective of ADC in Oncology
Nancy  Lin, United States

KS01.2 ADC in primary brain tumors
Andrew Lassman, United States

KS01.3 Emerging classes of engineered antibody therapeutic candidates

Daniel Christ, Australia

KS01.4 Improving BBB/BTB penetration of antibody-based therapies
Costas Arvanitis, United States

Chairs: tba

OS04.1 Pro-Cons adjuvant treatment: PCV vs TMZ
Anna Berghoff, Austria

OS04.2 Radiological follow up
Francesco Sanvito, United States

OS04.3 Long term cognitive effects
Florien Boele, United Kingdom

Chairs: tbc

OS05.1 A symptom tracking and reporting instrument mobile application for central nervous system cancer patients
Terri Armstrong, United States

OS05.2 Developing an APP for patient with PMBT
Petra Hoogendoorn, Netherlands

OS05.3 A regulatory perspective
Joaquín Cayón, Spain

OS05.4 Clinical evidences of the benefits of eHealth
Frank Giordano, Germany

16:00-16:15 hrs | BREAK

16:15-17:45 hrs

Chairs: tba

KS02.1 Systemic treatment: IDH inhibitors and PARP inhibitors
Maria Vieito, Spain

KS02.2 Surgery in IDH mutant gliomas
Louise Carstam, Sweden

KS02.3 Proton versus photon radiotherapy
Danielle Eekers, Netherlands

KS02.4 Targeting pyrimidine nucleotide metabolism in IDH-mutant glioma
Samuel McBrayer, United States

Chairs: tba

PC01.1 Increased granularity of molecular subtyping - con arguments
Kathreena Kurian, United Kingdom

PC01.2 Increased granularity of molecular subtyping - pro arguments
Abigail Suwala, Germany

PC01.3 Routine application of comprehensive molecular testing - con arguments
Pascale Varlet, France

PC01.4 Routine application of comprehensive molecular testing - pro arguments
Pieter Wesseling, Netherlands

Chairs: tba

JS03.1 Models and trials for scoring brain impact of tumors and their treatments
Donald Mabbott, Canada

JS03.2 Brain impact of targeted therapies and immunotherapies
Sanne Schagen, Netherlands

JS03.3 Long term epilepsy associated tumors
Johan Pallud, France

JS03.4 Basic mechanism networks-seizures in glioma
Gilles Huberfeld, France

17:45-18:00 | BREAK

18:00-19:30 hrs

Poster Pitches & Poster Viewing with authors I

20:00-22:00 hrs

EANO YOUNGSTERS Networking Night