Thursday, September 21

EANO Educational Day - Thursday, September 21, 2023

Note that the programme is subject to change and will be continuously updated.
All times below refer to Central European Summer Time (CEST).

08:55-10:00 hrs

Chairs: tbc

EDB01.1 Phase 0 and window-of-opportunity studies
Susan Chang, United States

EDB01.2 Blood brain barrier and drug delivery
Olaf van Tellingen, Netherlands

EDB01.3 Blood brain barrier and drug delivery
Riccardo Soffietti, Italy

Chairs: tba

EDC01.1 Craniopharyngioma
Conor Mallucci, United Kingdom

EDC01.2 Malignant meningiomas
Matthias Preusser, Austria

EDC01.3 Germ cell tumours in young adults
Didier Frappaz, France

Chairs: tba

EDN01.1 Neuro-oncological practice in the Netherlands
Claudine Nogarede-Bloemendaal, Netherlands

EDN01.2 Transitions services for teenagers and young adults
Charly Granville George, United Kingdom

EDN01.3 Careplanning for improving survivorship
Cecilia Skoglund, Sweden

EDN01.4 Improved management of fatigue - a co-creation process
Rachael Simms-Moore, United Kingdom

10:00-10:10 hrs | BREAK

10:10-11:30 hrs

Chairs: tba

EDB02.1 The glioma cytoskeleton: from cell behaviour to biomarker
Elly Hol, Netherlands

EDB02.2 Meningeal lymphatics and brain tumours
Jasmin Herz, United States

EDB02.3 Perivascular niche in glioma and brain metastases
Frank Winkler, Germany

EDB02.4 T cell recognition and immunogenomics in gliomas and metastasis
Gavin Dunn, United States

chairs: tba

EDC02.1 Latest in surgery for gliomas
Marike Broekman, Netherlands

EDC02.2 Latest in radiation therapy for gliomas
Elizabeth Moyal, France

EDC02.3 Latest in drug and targeted therapies in gliomas
Enrico Franceschi, Italy

EDC02.4 Latest in supportive care for patients with gliomas
Filip de Vos, Netherlands

11:30-12:00 hrs | COFFEE BREAK

12:00-13:15 hrs

chair: tba

EDB03.1 Genomics and epigenomics
Roel Verhaak, United States

EDB03.2 Metabolomics
Richard Mair, United Kingdom

EDB03.3 Imaging heterogeneity
Chao Li, United Kingdom

Chairs: tba

EDC03.1 EANO Guidelines for testing for targetable mutations
Martin van den Bent, Netherlands

EDC03.2 Emerging targets for brain tumours
Juanita Lopez, United Kingdom

EDC03.3 Neurological complications from targeted therapy and immunotherapy

Marjolein Geurts, Netherlands

chair: tba

EDN02.1 The use of biomarkers in understanding caregiver distress and symptoms
Paula Sherwood, United States

EDN02.2 Group intervention for caregivers - an overview and the way forwards
Sara Nordentoft, Denmark

EDN02.3 Caregiver needs and support
Florien Boele, United Kingdom

EDN02.4 Connecting families in conversations and family-reported outcome - what is the effect?
Karin Piil, Denmark

13:15-14:00 hrs | LUNCH BREAK

14:00-15:20 hrs

Chairs: tba

EDB04.1 Resistance to radiotherapy
Susan Short, United Kingdom

EDB04.2 Resistance to chemotherapy
Mehdi Touat, France

EDB04.3 Resistance to immunotherapy
Michael Platten, Germany

EDB04.4 Harnessing 3D models of brain metastases to study therapeutic resistance and biomarkers
Manuel Valiente, Spain

Chair: tba

EDC04.1 Update on immunotherapy for brain metastases
Anna Berghoff, Austria

EDC04.2 Assessing response in brain metastases
Anouk van der Hoorn, Netherlands

EDC04.3 Redefining the role of radiotherapy for brain metastases
Joost Verhoeff, Netherlands

EDC04.4 Update on surgery for brain metastases
Rasheed Zakaria, United Kingdom

Chairs: tba

EDN03.1 COA for cognitive function
Isabelle Ryden, Sweden

EDN03.2 Use of Activities of Daily Living (IADL) Scale
Johan Koekkoek, Netherlands

EDN03.3 eHealth assesment: Goalsetting and quality of life
Iris Bras, Netherlands

EDN03.4 Navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation mapping
Ann-Kathrin Ohlerth, Netherlands

EDN03.5 Patient-reported outcomes and imaging analysis
Tomas Gomez, Sweden

15:20-15:35 hrs | BREAK

15:35-16:35 hrs

Chairs: tba

EDB05.1 Principles for Clinical Translation of AI in Neuro-Oncology
Spyridon Bakas, United States

EDB05.2 DNA methylation-based classification of brain tumors
Abigail Suwala, Germany

EDB05.3 Bayesian statistics and adaptive trial designs
Haiyan Zheng, United Kingdom

Chairs: tba

EDC05.1 The promise of radiomics and AI
Philipp Lohmann, Germany

EDC05.2 Functional mapping
Jane Skjøth-Rasmussen, Denmark

EDC05.3 New advanced MRI techniques for brain tumours
Julia Furtner-Srajer, Austria

Chairs: tba

EDN04.1 Roles and responsibilities in a multidisciplinary team/ Perspectives from the field of physiotherapy
Caroline Kelly, United Kingdom

EDN04.2 Setting up a supportive care clinic
Ingela Oberg, United Kingdom

EDN04.3 Strengthen your neuro-oncological network  - A panel debate (with NAC committee)
Lena Rosenlund, Sweden

EDN04.4 Future work and closing remarks
Lena Rosenlund, Sweden

EANO Meeting - Thursday, September 21, 2023

17:00-18:00 hrs

Chairs: tba

JS01.1 Treatment of intracranial ependymoma with proton therapy
Sarah Peters, Germany

JS01.2 Surgical treatment of cranial ependymomas (adult and childhood)
Jens Gempt, Germany

Chairs: tba

OS01.1 Clinical studies of cannabinoids in adults and pediatric tumors
Chris Twelves, United Kingdom

OS01.2 Pre clinical data on cannabinoids in brain tumor models
Bozena Kaminska, Poland

OS01.3 Use of cannabinoids for comfort purposes
Martin Klein, Netherlands

Chairs: tba

PD01.1 Cancer Neuroscience: what really matters
Frank Winkler, Germany

PD01.2 Brain metastasis: what really matters
Adrienne Boire, United States

18:30-21:00 hrs

EANO Networking Event