EANO Summer School 2019: preliminary programme

Plenary talks

1. Regulatory / legal aspects of molecular diagnostics (Representative EC)

2. Banking (SPECTABrain Representative)

3. Financial aspects of molecular testing

4. WHO Classification: Focus: LGG, GBM, other tumors, pediatric aspects


6. Molecular Immunehistopathology : Classical IHC, but also IDHR132H, BRAFV600E,INI1, ATRX

7./8. Biostatistics I and II

9. Clinical Integration

10. Trials

11. Outlook Immune

12. Outlook Proteom


Plenary Workshops

I. Classical tests: 1p/19q, MGMT (cutoff etc.), IDH

II. DNA/RNA Diagnostics

III. Methylation Diagnostics I

IV. Development of Methylation Diagnostics

V. Protein Diagnostics

VI. Third generation sequencing

VII. Pediatric Tumors in Adulthood:  Ependymoma and Medulloblastoma

VIII. Molecular Tumor Board with structure and cases

The programme is endorsed by EURO-CNS (European Confederation of Neuropathological Societies)

General information EANO Summer School 2019