Benefits for Youngsters

The EANO Youngsters Initiative

The recently started EANO Youngsters Initiative aims to provide a platform for networking, interaction and collaboration between young scientists with a special interest in Neuro-Oncology. Therefore, the EANO Youngsters committee was formed to organize activities specially focusing on young scientists within the EANO. Here, the EANO Youngsters aim to represent the diversity of EANO with a lot of different specialties involved in Neuro-Oncology as well as to represent the different scientific interest from a clinical as well as a translational and basic science viewpoint. In the following we want to introduce the initiative, ourselves as well as to provide a broad overview on the planned activities.

The EANO Youngsters want you!

After all, any initiative is living off its participants. So let’s take this opportunity and connect during the EANO Youngster Networking Event or in the EANO Youngsters facebook group.
We are looking forward to fill this initiative with a lot of activities!

Together we aim to address the issues of young Neuro-Oncology scientists within the EANO and provide a platform for interaction as well as organize dedicated activates. Any ideas for new activities? Do not hesitate to contact us via the Facebook group or email: