e-EANO Webinar Videos

eEANO Webinars Videos

  • Talk EANO webinar on novel insights on hypermutated IDH mutated gliomas and temozolomide treatment of IDHwt astrocytoma: The CATNON experience: efficacy of temozolomide in astrocytoma IDHwt with molecular features of by MirceaTesilean. Click here for Video

  • EANO webinar on Disparity in Neuro-Oncology, does it matter in daily clinical practice? click here for video

  • EANO webinar on Characterization of glioblastoma initiating cells and their impact on tumor heterogeneity and disease progression. Click here for video
  • EANO webinar Tumorboard 3 on Primary CNS Lymphoma. Click here for video
  • EANO webinar on Recurrent Glioblastoma. Click here for video

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