Thursday, October 17

EANO Educational Day - Thursday, October 17, 2024

Note that the programme is subject to change and will be continuously updated.
All times below refer to British Summer Time (BST).

08:30-09:50 hrs

Chairs: tbc

EDB01.1 Dormancy and metastatic recurrence in the brain
Mihaela Lorger, United Kingdom

EDB01.2 Tumour-immune crosstalk in brain metastases
Lisa Sevenich, Germany

EDB01.3 Metabolic reprogramming in brain metastases
Srinivas Malladi, United States

EDB01.4 Biology of leptomeningeal metastases
Amanda Fitzpatrick, United Kingdom

Chairs: tbc

EDC01.1 Challenges in developing precision medicine trials for low-grade glioma patients
Mehdi Touat, France

EDC01.2 IDH-inhibitors - how to translate into clinical practice
Marjolein Geurts, Netherlands

EDC01.3 Targeted therapies for circumscribed gliomas
Roberta Ruda, Italy

EDC01.4 Targeted therapy for paediatric low grade gliomas
Jacques Grill, France

Chairs: tbc

EDN01.1 The AHP role in radiotherapy services: improving patient outcomes
Katerina Polachova, Czechia

EDN01.2 Update on radiotherapy modalities
Andrada Turcas, Romania

EDN01.3 Information provision related to radiotherapy treatment and toxicities
Sharon Fernandez, United Kingdom

EDN01.4 Trialing innovation radiation therapy focused educational interventions for patients, carers and health professionals
Georgia Halkett, Australia

09:50-10:00 hrs | BREAK

10:00-11:00 hrs

Chairs: tbc

EDB02.1 Neurons in carcinogenesis inside the CNS
Humsa Venkatesh, United States

EDB02.2 Neurons in carcinogenesis outside the CNS
Wolfgang Wick, Germany

EDB02.3 Cancer Neuroscience of brain tumors and beyond: roads to translation
Frank Winkler, Germany

Chairs: tbc

EDC02.1 Primary CNS Lymphoma management in 2024
Jacoline Bromberg, Netherlands

EDC02.2 Multiple metastases
Giuseppe Minniti, Italy

EDC02.3 How I treat Meningioma

Michael Jenkinson, United Kingdom

chair: tbc

EDN02.1 Support needs in paediatric neuro-oncology patients
Kim Bull, United Kingdom

EDN02.2 “Aiming at a moving target” – the daily life challenges of adolescents and young adults (AYA) with a low-grade glioma
Milou Reuvers, Netherlands

EDN02.3 Supporting adolescent and young adult brain tumour patients
Catriona Knowles, United Kingdom

EDN02.4 Panel discussion
all speakers

11:00-11:30 hrs | COFFEE BREAK

11:30-13:00 hrs

chair: tbc

EDB03.1 Analysis of liquid biopsies
Florent Mouliere, United Kingdom

EDB03.2 Liquid biopsies in gliomas
Santiago Cabezas-Camarero, Spain

EDB03.3 Liquid biopsies in metastastic disease
Joan Seoane, Spain

EDB03.4 Liquid biopsy in CNS lymphomas
Andres Ferreri, Italy

Chair: tbc

EDC03.1 Pragmatic trial designs and windows of opportunity
Nader Sanai, United States

EDC03.2 New Bayesian platform trial design
Tobias Kessler, Germany

EDC03.3 Clinical outcome assessment in trials
Johan Koekkoek, Netherlands

EDC03.4 Study design in rare tumours
Enrico Franceschi, Italy

Chairs: tbc

EDN03.1 Neuropsychiatric symptoms in brain tumour patients
Martin Klein, Netherlands

EDN03.2 Violence at home
Lisa Kastbom, Sweden

EDN03.3 The challenges of neuropsychiatric symptoms at home
Petra Hoogendoorn, Netherlands

EDN03.4 Risk assessments and safeguarding
Lena Rosenlund, Sweden

13:00-14:00 hrs | LUNCH BREAK

14:00-15:20 hrs

Chairs: tbc

EDB04.1 Overview of precision medicine approaches - functional vs. omic profiling
Tobias Weiss, Switzerland

EDB04.2 Identification of individualised treatments by molecular profiling
Giuseppe Lombardi, Italy

EDB04.3 tbc
Anna Golebiewska, Luxembourg

EDB04.4 Functional genomic approaches to understand mechanisms of drug response and resistance
Veronica Rendo, Sweden

Chairs: tbc

EDC04.1 Is this a tumour or something else?
Bianka Forgo, Sweden

EDC04.2 Imaging for pre-operative planning
Stephen Price, United Kingdom

EDC04.3 Is this treatment effect or tumour progression - MRI?
Anouk van der Hoorn, Netherlands

EDC04.4 Is this treatment effect or tumour progression - PET?
Jan Michael Werner, Germany

Chairs: tbc

EDN04.1 Fear of progression in patients with newly diagnosed brain tumours and their caregivers
Marion Rapp, Germany

EDN04. Patient and caregiver experience of coping with a brain tumour
Anna Zanotto, United States

EDN04.3 Fear of cancer recurrence and death anxiety
Ashlee Loughan, United States

EDN04.4 Coping with fear of recurrence: acceptance and commitment therapy
Christopher Graham, United Kingdom

EDN04.5 Closing remarks
Aiofe Williamson, United Kingdom

15:20-15:30 hrs | BREAK

15:30-16:30 hrs

Chairs: tbc

EDB05.1 Small molecules
Myra van Linde, Netherlands

EDB05.2 Cellular therapies
Magnus Essand, Sweden

EDB05.3 Devices
Ryan Mathew, United Kingdom

chairs: tbc

Due to interest from the EANO membership, at this year’s Educational Day we will be trialling a multidisciplinary tumour board. We will discuss a number of real cases amongst experts with different specialties and audience participation. The aim of this session is to demonstrate the importance of multidisciplinary management and care of neuro-oncology patients.

Expert Panel:

Anouk van der Hoorn, Netherlands | Radiology
Asgeir Jakola, Sweden | Surgeon
Anthony Chalmers, United Kingdom | Radiation Oncology
Evangelia Razis, Greece | Medical Oncology
Juanita Lopez, United Kingdom | Medical Oncology
Lena Rosenlund, Sweden | Nurse & Allied Healthcare Professional
Matthijs van der Meulen, Netherlands | Neuro-Oncology
Sebastian Brandner, United Kingdom | Pathology

EANO Meeting - Thursday, October 17, 2024

17:00-18:00 hrs

Chairs: tbc

OS01.1 Key points of RANO 2.0 Criteria for High- and Low-Grade Gliomas in Adults: what has changed?
Patrick Wen, United States

OS01.2 PET-based response assessment criteria for diffuse gliomas (PET RANO 1.0)
Nathalie Albert, Germany

OS01.3 RANO resect: achievements and current projects
Philipp Karschnia, Germany

Chairs: tbc

JS01.1 EORTC-2227 (LEGATO): Lomustine with and without reirradiation for first progression of glioblastoma: a randomized phase III study
Tomas Kazda, Czech Republic

JS01.2 EORTC-2334 (LUMEN-1): 177Lu-DOTATATE for recurrent MENingioma: a randomized phase II study
Emiline Tabouret, France

JS01.3 EORTC-2013 (GLIO-RARE): Observational study for assessing treatment and outcome of patients with primary brain tumours diagnosed according to cIMPACT-NOW recommendations and the 2021 WHO classification
Hans-Georg Wirsching, Switzerland

Chairs: tbc

PC01.1 Advanced Molecular Testing - Clinical Con
Anna Berghoff, Austria

PC01.2 Advanced Molecular Testing - Clinical Pro
Ghazaleh Tabatabai, Germany

18:30-21:00 hrs

EANO Welcome Reception