Sunday, October 20

EANO Meeting - Sunday, October 20, 2024

Note that the programme is subject to change and will be continuously updated.
All times below refer to British Summer Time (BST).

08:00-09:00 hrs

Susan Short, United Kingdom
President EANO

09:00-10:30 hrs

Chairs: tbc

KS04.1 Insights from the Pola cohort
Marc Sanson, France

KS04.2 CDKN2A/B loss in IDH-mutated tumours
MacLean Nasrallah, United States

KS04.3 Grading of IDH-mutant gliomas
Youri Hoogstrate, Netherlands

KS04.4 Proteomics-based subtyping of IDH Mutant Glioma
Jiguang Wang, Hong Kong

Chairs: tbc

JS07.1 Identification and exploitation of brain tumor vulnerabilities: from academia to pharma and back
Petra Hamerlik, United Kingdom

JS07.2 A preclinical drug screening platform to select drug candidates for phase 0/1 studies
Martine Lamfers, Netherlands

JS07.3 Experience in clinical trial set up based on preclinical data acquired in the research lab
Lukas Bunse, Germany

Chairs: tbc

OS11.1 Sex-biased immune response in glioma
Justin Lathia, United States

OS11.2 Sex-specific epidemiological differences in brain tumors
Quinn Ostrom, United States

OS11.3 Selection for mutations in meningiomas under hormone treatment
Matthieu Peyre, France

OS11.4 Sex-specific molecular differences in NSCLC brain metastases
Anna Berghoff, Austria

10:30-11:00 hrs | COFFEE BREAK

11:00-12:30 hrs

Chairs: tbc

KS05.1 Genetic engineering of glioma-targeting T cells - concepts and developments
Bryan Choi, United States

KS05.2 CAR T cell therapies for CNS lymphomas
Louisa von Baumgarten, Germany

KS05.3 T cell receptor-transgenic T cells targeting gliomas
Lukas Bunse, Germany

KS05.4 Uncovering new targets for CAR T cells
Misty Jenkins, Australia

Chairs: tbc

JS08.1 Non-contrast perfusion imaging in brain tumors
Marion Smits, Netherlands

JS08.2 In vivo 2-HG quantification by MR spectroscopy in IDH-mutated gliomas
Anouk van der Hoorn, Netherlands
JS08.3 The expanding role of Amide Proton Transfer imaging in brain tumor assessment
Pia C Maly Sundgren, Sweden

JS08.4 Application of AI in neuro-oncologya
Philipp Vollmuth, Germany

Chairs: tbc

OS12.1 Incidental meningioma
Abdurrahman Islim, United Kingdom

OS12.2 Incidental low-grade glioma
Tamara Ius, Italy
OS12.3 Expected growth rate versus early radiosurgery in meningiomas
Kita Sallabanda, Spain

OS12.4 Upfront Radiosurgery vs a Wait-and-Scan strategy in small Vestibular Schwannoma
Dhanushan Dhayalan, Norway

12:30-12:45 hrs

Susan Short, United Kingdom
President EANO

Anthony Chalmers, United Kingdom
President EANO Meeting 2024