Saturday, October 19

EANO Meeting - Saturday, October 19, 2024

Note that the programme is subject to change and will be continuously updated.
All times below refer to British Summer Time (BST).

08:00-09:00 hrs

Chairs: tbc

ME04.1 GBM AGILE: an adaptive platform trial for glioblastoma
Tim Cloughesy, United States

ME04.2 Update on the N2M2 trial
Wolfgang Wick, Germany

ME04.3 The INSIGHT trial
Isabel Arrillaga-Romany, United States

Chairs: tbc

ME05.1 Imaging characteristics of early glioma
Stuart Currie, United Kingdom

ME05.2 Serum metabolites identifies glioma development
Beatrice Melin, Sweden

ME05.3 Population screening in primary care using liquid biopsy
Matthew Baker, United Kingdom

Chairs: tbc

ME06.1 Interplay between lipid synthesis and the DNA damage response in glioblastoma
Christian Badr, United States

ME06.2 Engulfment of lipid vesicles in glioblastoma cells triggers tumor invasion
Thomas Daubon, France

ME06.3 Targeting cholesterol metabolism to overcome radiation resistance in glioblastoma
Natividad Gomez-Roman, United Kingdom

09:00-09:15 hrs | BREAK

09:15-10:45 hrs

Chairs: tbc

JS05.1 Novel diagnostic and prognostic markers in the molecular classification of meningioma
Abigail Suwala, Germany

JS05.2 c-Impact in Meningioma
Felix Sahm, Germany

JS05.3 Predictive markers for treatment outcome in meningioma patients
David Raleigh, United States

JS05.4 Prognostic and therapeutic relevance of intra-tumoral heterogeneity in meningiomas
Priscilla Brastianos, United States

Chairs: tbc

OS05.1 Definition & diagnosis of radionecrosis
Balamurugan Vellayappan, Singapore

OS05.2 Neuroimaging of radionecrosis
Marion Smits, Netherlands

OS05.3 Risk factors and preventative measures of radionecrosis
Esther Troost, Germany

OS05.4 Neurotoxicity of new systemic agents and Immunotherapy
Michael Weller, Switzerland

Chairs: tbc

KS03.1 Making data available
Fatima Al-Shahrour, Spain

KS03.2 Making images available
Víctor Pérez García, Spain

KS03.3 Integrating cancer research data
Carey Anders, United States

10:45-11:15 hrs | COFFEE BREAK

11:15-12:45 hrs

Chairs: tbc

OS08.1 Advances in molecular classification of skull base tumors
Luca Bertero, Italy

OS08.2 The craniopharyngioma challenge: diagnostic clues for a judicious treatment
Ruth Prieto, Spain

OS08.3 Biology and systemic treatment for craniopharyngiomas
Priscilla Brastianos, United States

OS08.4 Radiosurgery and Radiotherapy of skull base tumors
Maximilian Niyazi, Germany

12:45-14:15 hrs | LUNCH BREAK

13:00-14:00 hrs

14:15-15:45 hrs

Chairs: tbc

OS09.1 Using ATR inhibition to target malignant infiltration in glioblastoma
Joanna Birch, United Kingdom

OS09.2 Telomarese inhibition
Joe Costello, United States

OS09.3 H3-K27M mutation: PDGFR inhibitors and other treatments
Mariella Filbin, United States

OS09.4 TIM-3
Marta Alonso, Spain

Chairs: tbc

OS10.1 Consensus on symptomatic and asymptomatic brain metastasis
Hussein Tawbi, United States

OS10.2 Replacing corticoids for better therapeutic response?
Marike Broekman, Netherlands

OS10.3 Experimental approaches to prevent and to treat symptomatic brain metastases
Manuel Valiente, Spain

Chairs: tbc

PC02.1 Temozolomide for unmethylated glioma: Contra
Marjolein Geurts, Netherlands

PC02.2 Temozolomide for unmethylated glioma: Pro
Benedikte Hasselbalch, Denmark

PC02.3 Targeted therapy vs. Immunotherapy in glioblastoma: Targeted therapies are the future
Tobias Kessler, Germany

PC02.4 Targeted therapy vs. immunotherapy in glioblastoma: Immunotherapy is the future
Tobias Weiss, Switzerland

PC02.5 Virus therapy vs. immunotherapy/vaccination in neuro-oncology: Immunotherapy/vaccination is the future
Patrick Roth, Switzerland

PC02.6 Virus therapy vs. immunotherapy/vaccination in neuro-oncology: Virus therapy is the future
Gelareh Zadeh, Canada

15:45-16:00 hrs | BREAK

16:00-17:00 hrs

Chairs: tbc

PD01.1 A historical view on glioblastoma therapy
Michael Weller, Switzerland

PD01.2 A historical view on glioblastoma therapy
Susan Chang, United States

Chairs: tbc

JS06.1 Imaging challenges of meningioma
Raymond Huang, United States

JS06.2 Treatment standards of meningiomas- Current standard and future avenues
Matthias Preusser, Austria

JS06.3 Theranostics in meningiomas - from rationale to evidence
Nathalie Albert, Germany

Chairs: tbc

WS03.1 Artificial intelligence in histopathology
Moritz Gerstung, Germany

WS03.2 Radiomics in trials and translation into clinical routine
Spyridon Bakas, United States

17:15-18:45 hrs

Poster Pitches & Poster Viewing with authors II

19:30-23:30 hrs

EANO Evening