EANO Meeting 2023

Download the EANO 2023 App

The EANO 2023 congress app is now available for iOS and Android and contains all information participants need for their participation.

Download the app

To download the app, follow these steps:

  • Go to your App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android)
  • Install the app Floq by Conference Compass on your mobile phone
  • Access the Floq app, click on EANO 2023 and install it
  • From now on you'll have full access to the congress app and be able to easily find it under your "Installed Events" in Floq

How to use the app

  • Browse the programme by day or session type
  • Read abstracts and session descriptions
  • Add sessions, presentations and/or posters to your personal itinerary
  • Learn more about faculty, abstract presenters, award recipients and award candidates
  • Browse sponsors and exhibitors by name
  • Check out "More" details about networking events, the association, general information, etc.
  • Take notes and print or email them to you or your colleagues
  • You do not need to sign up/create a profile to use it

Permissions for the app

The App will ask you for a number of permissions. In an iOS environment, the app will ask for each permission separately, only if your action requires it. In an Android environment, all permissions are often presented “at once” and may sometimes come as a surprise, as the connection may not be obvious at first. What can be asked for by the App:

  • Access to the internet, in order to download the actual content and to update regularly.
  • Access to the Network state in order to check whether the update may (or may not) currently be downloaded. (You will have your own settings in view of data download by WIFI, cellular, or in a roaming situation etc…)
  • Receive notifications. We may send you a small number of push messages during the congress to remind or alert you of important issues.
  • Access your contacts. The app contains profiles of speakers and delegates which you may want to add to your contacts. For this, the app will need the permission to read and write to your contacts.
  • Access to your calendar. You may wish to add sessions, presentation and/or posters to your calendar to create your own agenda and e.g. set reminders to attend a specific session.
  • Wake your phone from the lock status. In order to display push messages and calendar reminders.
  • Access to external storage, in case you did not save the app in the internal memory, but on a memory card.

Rest assured that neither EANO nor the app provider are collecting any of your private data. Only (anonymous) total number of downloads, provided by Google and Apple as well as your anonymous votes are collected.