Thursday, September 15

EANO Educational Day - Thursday, September 15, 2022

Note that the programme is subject to change and will be continuously updated. Speaker and presentation details will be published in due course.
All times below refer to Central European Summer Time (CEST).

08:55-10:00 hrs

Chairs: Evangelia Razis, Greece

EDB01.1 What is the role of the pathologist?
Sebastian Brandner, United Kingdom

EDB01.2 What makes a successful Molecular Tumor Board (MTB)?
Evangelia Razis, Greece

EDB01.3 The role of radiology in neuro-oncology?
Gerry Thompson, United Kingdom

Chairs: tba

EDC01.1 From symptom to a biomarker of tumor response to treatments, and beyond
Roberta Rudà, Italy

EDC01.2 Medical management of epilepsy in the neuro-oncological patient
Robin Grant, United Kingdom

EDC01.3 Management of glioma-related epilepsy: the importance of surgery
Johan Pallud, France

Chairs: tba

EDN01.1 How patient symptoms and caregiver wellbeing are interconnected
Florien Boele, United Kingdom

EDN01.2 The impact of medical infographics on symptom awareness and communication
Karin Piil, Denmark

EDN01.3 The impact of family-centred care on symptoms in patients with high-grade glioma
Giulia Locatelli, Italy

10:00-10:10 hrs | BREAK

10:10-11:30 hrs

Chairs: tba

EDB02.1 Neuroscience-immunology: the basics of brain immunology
Roman Sankowski, Germany

EDB02.2 Promises and pitfalls of cellular immunotherapies against cancer
Else Marit Inderberg, Norway

EDB02.3 Gene and viral immunotherapies
E. Antonio Chiocca, United States

chairs: tba

EDC02.1 Mechanistic mathematical models in diagnosis and trial in neuro-oncology
Victor Perez Garcia, Spain

EDC02.2 5 most important new pathology developments
Felix Sahm, Germany

EDC02.3 5 most important advances in local therapy
Stephen Price, United Kingdom

EDC02.4 Tumor board in daily practice
Riccardo Soffietti, Italy

chair: tba

EDN02.1 Patient-reported measure to enhance person-centred care
Lena Rosenlund, Sweden

EDN02.2 A patient-centred approach to the clinical conversation
Sara Melhuish, United Kingdom

EDN02.3 Stakeholder engagement: working together towards better support for carers
Emma Nicklin, United Kingdom

EDN02.4 Organisation of a person-centred clinical practice
Christina Nagl, Austria

11:30-12:00 hrs | COFFEE BREAK

12:00-13:15 hrs

chair: tba

EDB03.1 Spatial transcriptomics
Pim French, Netherlands

EDB03.2 Functional tissue profiling
Tobias Weiss, Switzerland

EDB03.3 Spatial metabolomics
Richard Mair, United Kingdom

Chairs: tba

EDC03.1 The Gliogene porject (xyndromes that predispose to brain tumors)
Melissa Bondy, United States

EDC03.2 NF1&2
João Passos, Portugal

EDC03.3 Counselling needs of a patient diagnosed with a genetic LGG

Megan Hill, United Kingdom

Chairs: tba

EDN03.1 Development of a model to promote support for families during the course of the disease
Pernilla Ståhl, Sweden

EDN03.2 Patient-report cognitive function in patients with diffuse glioma
Stine Schei, Norway

EDN03.3 Language assessment of patients with glioma in Slovenia
Barbara Vogrinčič, Slovenia

EDN03.4 Objective measure of cognitive fatigability in low-grade gliomas patients
Valentine Facque, France

13:15-14:00 hrs | LUNCH BREAK

14:00-15:00 hrs

Chairs: tba

EDB04.1 Engineering cerebral organoids to model brain tumor formation
Viviane Tabar, United States

EDB04.2 Microfluidics-based tumor models
Shery Huang, United Kingdom

EDB04.3 Immunocompetent ex vivo and in vivo models
Simone Niclou, Luxembourg

Chair: tba

EDC04.1 Indications and goals of physical rehabilitation
Anders Hansen, Denmark

EDC04.2 Indications for cognitive rehabilitation
Claudia Panciroli, Spain

EDC04.3 Differences between aphasia, dysarthria and dysphagia between stroke and glioma
Marike Donders-Kamphuis, Netherlands

15:00-15:15 hrs | BREAK

15:15-16:30 hrs

Chairs: tba

EDB05.1 CTCs: New Translational Dimensions to Study Brain Metastasis
Dario Marchetti, United States

EDB05.2 Liquid biopsies: ctDNA in brain tumor patient
Florent Mouliere, Netherlands

EDB05.3 Imaging biomarkers for brain metastasis

Rasheed Zakaria, United Kingdom

EDB05.3 Radiomics and AI in Neuro-Oncology

Chairs: tba

EDC05.1 Rehabilitation guidelines
Richard Crevenna, Austria

EDC05.2 LM guidelines
Emilie Le Rhun, Switzerland

EDC05.3 Complications of neuro-oncology therapy
Michael Wellner, Switzerland

EDC05.4 Molecular biomarkers
David Capper, Germany

Chairs: tba

EDN04.1 It's all in my head: lessons from survivorship
Rachael Simms-Moore, United Kingdom

EDN04.2 Patient, next of kin and public involvement in clinical routine and research - an example from Stockholm, Sweden
Eskil Degsell, Sweden

EDN04.3 RTT led SRS clinic for patients with brain mets?
Aoife Williamson, United Kingdom

EDN04.4 Closing remarks
Florien Boele, United Kingdom

EANO Meeting - Thursday, September 15, 2022

17:00-18:00 hrs

Chairs: tba

PC01.1 Re-irradiation of brain tumors: Pro arguments
Elizabeth Cohen-Jonathan Moyal, France

PC01.2 Re-irradiation of brain tumors: Con arguments
Fréderic Dhermain, France

Chairs: tba

PD01.1 Economic evaluation of diagnostic tests
Bethany Shinkins, United Kingdom

PD01.2 Radiotherapy and systemic therapies
Katie Spencer, United Kingdom

PD01.3 Vocational and economic patient outcomes
Isabelle Ryden, Sweden

Chairs: tba

JS01.1 Impact of microglia and other immune cells on glioblastoma progression and second-line treatment
Sven Nelander, Sweden

JS01.2 Overview of ongoing clinical trials for recurrent gliomas in China
Zhongping CHEN, China

18:30-21:00 hrs

EANO Networking Event