Sunday, September 18

EANO Meeting - Sunday, September 18, 2022

Note that the programme is subject to change and will be continuously updated. Speaker and presentation details will be published in due course.
All times below refer to Central European Summer Time (CEST).

08:00-09:00 hrs

Matthias Preusser, Austria
President EANO

09:00-10:30 hrs

Chairs: tba

KS04.1 EANO Guideline on Meningiomas
Roland Goldbrunner, Germany

KS04.2 Molecular Genetic Landscape of Meningiomas
Felix Sahm, Germany

KS04.3 Emerging Medical Treatments for Meningioma
Eva Galanis, United States       

KS04.4 Radiotherapeutic developments for meningiomas
Giuseppe Minniti, Italy

Chairs: tba

JS08.1 Metabolic heterogeneity and impact in immune system
Lukas Bunse, Germany

JS08.2 Heterogeneity of brain metastasis is reflected in the tumor microenvironment
Eva Hernando, United States

JS08.3 tba
Joan Seoane, Spain

JS08.4 tba
Ronit Satchi-Fainar, Israel

10:30-11:00 hrs | COFFEE BREAK

11:00-12:30 hrs

Chairs: tba

KS05.1 Targeting Plasticity-driven Adaptation to Overcome Chemoresistance in GBM
Atique Ahmed, United States

KS05.2 Radiation-induced plasticities mechanisms in GBM
Elizabeth Cohen-Jonathan Moyal, France

KS05.3 Disconnecting multicellular networks to tackle resistance in glioma
Frank Winkler, Germany

KS05.4 Tunelling Nanotubes and glioblastoma
Chiara Zurzolo, France

Chairs: tba

JS09.1 Volumetric, dose adjusted effects of radiotherapy on the normal brain
Joost Verhoeff, Netherlands

JS09.2 Modification of the adverse effects of radiotherapy on the normal brain with inhibitor of the DNA damage response
Rodrigo Gutierrez Quintana, United Kingdom
JS09.3 Proton-therapy in brain tumors
Stephanie Combs, Germany

JS09.4 Maximizing the effect of radiotherapy of brain metastases with immunotherpy
Lorenzo Livi, Italy

12:30-12:45 hrs

Matthias Preusser, Austria
President EANO & EANO Meeting 2022