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Abstract presentations are highlighted with an A in the presentation number.

Intro: Federico Pessina

OS09.1 Quality of life in follow-up of adult patients with primary brain tumours
Florien Boele, United Kingdom

OS09.2 Health-related quality of life in children treated for brain tumours
Kim Bull, United Kingdom

OS09.3.A Caregiver burden of glioma patients: the impact of informal care
Robin van den Borg, Netherlands

OS09.4.A Health-related quality of life in low-grade glioma survivors 26 years after diagnosis
Florien Boele, United Kingdom

OS09.6.A Cognition and health-related quality of life in long time survivors of high-grade glioma
Marike Donders-Kamphuis, Netherlands

OS09.7.A Quality of life outcomes in patients with incidental and operated meningiomas: the QUALMS study
Sumirat Keshwara, United Kingdom

Intro: Florien Boele

OS10.1 Symptom Management Models and Non-pharmacological Symptom Management
Karin Piil, Denmark

OS10.2 Pharmacological management of symptoms after a brain tumour: Opening a psychiatrist's medicine box
Ally Rooney, United Kingdom

OS10.3.A Predicting delirium after craniotomy in neuro-oncology
Pablo Kappen, Netherlands

OS10.4.A The effects of SmartCare on neuro-oncology family caregivers' distress: a randomized controlled trial
Paula Sherwood, United States

OS10.5.A BrainWear: Longitudinal, objective assessment of physical activity in 42 HGG patients
Seema Dadhania, United Kingdom

OS10.6.A Supportive care needs of TYA childhood brain tumour survivors and their caregivers: a mixed methods study
Emma Nicklin, United Kingdom

OS10.7.A Localization patterns of language errors during direct electrical brain stimulation: a systematic review
Ellen Collée, Netherlands

OS10.8.A The effectiveness of antiepileptic drug duotherapies in glioma patients: a multicenter observational cohort study
Pim van der Meer, Netherlands

Intro: Stefan Pfister

OS11.1 Deregulation of chromatin modifier genes in medulloblastoma
Silvia Marino, United Kingdom

OS11.2 H3.3G34 mutations in gliomas: a case of mistaken identity
Nada Jabado, Canada

OS11.3 Modeling childhood brain tumors in vivo and with human organoids
Luca Tiberi, Italy

OS11.4 Developmental myelination and the origins of H3K27M+ diffuse midline glioma
Michelle Monje Deisseroth, United States

OS11.5.A PATZ1 fusions define a novel molecularly distinct CNS tumor entity with a broad histological spectrum
Karam Al Halabi, Germany

Intro: Benedikte Hasselbalch

OS12.1 First in human CAN-3110 (ICP-34.5 expressing HSV-1 oncolytic virus) clinical trial in patients with recurrent high-grade glioma shows immunologic changes in injected tumors
E. Antonio Chiocca, United States

OS12.2 Combination of vaccines with checkpoint inhibitors for the treatment of brain tumors
Valerie Dutoit, Switzerland

OS12.3 Combining immune checkpoint inhibitors with stereotactic radiosurgery: is it safe and does it work?
Giuseppe Minniti, Italy

OS12.4.A MHC class II-restricted transgenic T cell receptor therapy targeting mutant capicua transcriptional repressor in experimental gliomas
Michael Kilian, Germany

OS12.5.A The combination of the oncolytic virus Delta-24-ACT with a PD-L1 inhibitor results in anti-glioma effect and immune memory in preclinical models of glioma
Montse Puigdelloses, Spain

OS12.6.A Combination therapy of CAR-NK-cells and anti-PD-1 results in high efficacy against advanced-stage glioblastoma in a syngeneic mouse model and induces protective anti-tumor immunity in vivo
Michael Burger, Germany

OS12.7.A Characterization of intra-tumoral heterogeneity and differential immune activation during malignant progression of meningiomas on single cell level
Christina Blume, Germany

Intro: Christian Mawrin

OS13.1 In-vivo electroporation to dissect the biology of brain tumours
Paolo Salomoni, Germany

OS13.2 Modelling brain tumours one base at a time
Massimo Squatrito, Spain

Intro: Tareq Juratli

OS14.1 Residual tumor following resection of brain metastasis and the role of fluorescence
Barbara Kiesel, Austria

OS14.2 The evidence and safety of supramarginal resection in patient with glioblastoma
Frederico Pessina, Italy

OS14.3 Beyond grey scale B-mode ultrasound imaging to maximize the extent of resection
Francesco Prada, Italy

OS14.4.A The Neuroplastic Potential of the Human Brain Before and After Glioma Surgery: Towards Interventional Neurorehabilitation
Anujan Poologaindran, United Kingdom

OS14.5.A 3D high-resolution 7T MRSI for the metabolic imaging of high-grade gliomas
Gilbert Hangel, Austria

OS14.6.A GlioCova: Defining patient safety events for brain tumour patients undergoing neurosurgery
Radvile Mauricaite, United Kingdom

JS06.1 Overview of EORTC Brain Tumor Group studies
Matthias Preusser, Austria