Dear colleagues, dear friends,

We are delighted to invite you to attend the 14th EANO annual meeting, which will be held in Lyon from 19 - 22 September, 2019.

The 2019 EANO program has a lot to offer from various backgrounds. Whether you are a clinician, a scientist, a nurse specialized in neuro-oncology or new in the field, you will find presentations that increase your knowledge. Most valuable, the speakers will be from many countries, institutions and specialties with a plethora of information and experiences that will make the EANO 2019 a successful meeting.

Following an education day on the main topics in Neuro-Oncology, the program will focus on brain tumors biomarkers and treatment with discussions on the main clinical trials. Novel developments in immune-oncology and in neuro-oncology will be presented, with a special focus on paraneoplastic neurological syndromes. Outstanding science will be presented in oral talks selected from the submitted abstracts with two evening poster sessions.

Lyon is at the crossroads of Europe with a big international airport with direct flight connections to most major European airports, is only two hours from Paris by train, and is easily reached by car. Lyon is the second largest metropolitan area in France, ideally located, close to the Beaujolais and Vallée du Rhône vineyards and the Alps.

A major part of the city centre has been listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site, which is not surprising as Lyon can still show the remains of 20 centuries of History. But above all, the city is very famous for its gastronomy: from its 14 starred restaurants and to the typical and charming bistros called “Bouchons”.

As for culture, Lyon celebrated the opening of its brand new Museum of Confluences in December 2014. The National Opera, one of the twenty most prestigious ballets in the world, and the Célestins Theatre offer an ambitious program all year round. Furthermore, the city has unique museums that have no equal elsewhere in the world, such as the Lumière Institute on the invention of cinematography and the Fabric Museum tracing two thousand years of the history of textile and silk weaving.

Lyon is vibrant all year round thanks to a number of events it hosts attracting millions of visitors every year. Lyon is truly the ideal place to experience the best of France!

Welcome to Lyon and the EANO meeting 2019!

All the best,
Jérôme Honnorat
President EANO 2019 Meeting

Martin Van den Bent
President EANO